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Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance, K-12 Teaching/Coaching option

Everyday heroes, teachers and coaches shape their students' lives. This concentration prepares students to acquire a K-12 teaching license and lead their own classes.

Education students usually participate in classroom observation early on, making sure that they are on the right path. By graduation, students are familiar with the rules of the major youth sports, the principles of physical education and the basics of classroom management. We also encourage students to get an additional endorsement in Health Education, building on the previous courses in the concentration.

To earn a Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance with a concentration of K-12 Teaching you:

  • Must be admitted to the Teacher Education program, typically by the spring of your sophomore year.
  • Must successfully complete course work consisting of a 55-hourUniversity general education program
  • Must successfully complete a 25-hour core of professional courses common to all Health and Human Performance majors
  • Must complete concentration track of 22-37 hours.

Program Summary

General Education 55 hours

Health and Human Performance Core 25 hours

HHP 115 Weight Training and Conditioning (1)
HHP 201 Concepts of Physical Fitness (1)
HHP 210 Intro to Health and Human Performance (3)
HHP 220 Responding to Emergencies (3)
HHP 280 Care and Prevention of Exercise and Sport Injuries (3)
HHP 330 Adapted/Special Physical Education (3)
HHP 340 Tests and Measurements in HHP (2)
HHP 390 Physiology of Exercise (3)
HHP 440 Kinesiology (3)
HHP 450 Program Organization and Administration (3)

Teaching Concentration

HHP Aquatics (1-3)
HHP 151 Aerobic Dancing (1)
HHP 231 Children's Rhythm and Movement (3)
HHP 260 Intro to Lifetime Sports (1)
HHP 261 Intro to Racquet Sports (1)
HHP 262 Intro to Team Sports (1)
HHP 263 Intro to Field Sports (1)
HHP 277 Early Field Experience in Physical Education (2)
HHP 290 Intro to Coaching (2)
HHP 312 Fitness Leadership (2)
HHP 410 Elementary School Physical Education Curriculum (2)
HHP 420 Curriculum & Methods in Secondary Physical Education (3)
HHP 430 Motor Learning (2)
HHP 314 Issues in Health Education (2)

Professional Studies Courses

TEEL 202 Foundations of Education (3)
TEEL 231 Human Growth and Development (3)
TESP 302 Educating Exceptional Students (3)
TECS 301 Introduction to Instructional Technology (3)
TEEL 431 Educational Psychology (3)
TESS 494 Secondary School Experience (4)
TEEL 496 Directed Teaching Elementary (6)
TESS 496 Directed Teaching Secondary (6)

Optional Health Education Endorsement

HHP 230 Principles of Nutrition (3)
HHP 300 Methods and Materials for Teaching Health K-12 (3)
HHP 310 Consumer Health (2)
HHP 320 Communicable and Emergent Diseases (2)
HHP 400 Safety Education (2)
PSY 100 General Psychology (3)
SOC 140 Introduction to Sociology (3)
BIOL 100 Human Biology (3)

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