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Capstone Convocation

Capstone Convocation is the opportunity for Informatics students to showcase all that they have learned throughout their studies. Student projects are displayed for their family, friends, and Fort Hays State University alumni supporters. The Capstone project is the culmination of INT 490.

2018 Projects

Trace & Return - The capstone group, Trace & Return, created a lost and found solution for the Fort Hays State University area and beyond. The group designed and created an interactive website along with identification stickers and tags that contained unique identification codes. Codes could be activated on the website by entering contact information of the owner of the tag. In the event of a lost item, the unique code could be entered into the website allowing the finder to contact the owner of the lost item.

Trace & Return's Website
Informational Video

Saber-Tooth Productions - The capstone group, Saber-Tooth Productions, created five promotional videos for the Fort Hays State University Department of Informatics. The goal of the videos was to showcase different concentrations within the department. The group created videos for the concentrations: Media Studies, Web & Mobile Application Development, Computer Networking/Health Informatics, Management Information Systems, and Tiger Media Network which will be displayed in Hammond Hall TVs as well as on the website.

Media Studies Video
Web Development
Computer Networking Video
MIS Video
Tiger Media Network Video

Mark-It Off - The capstone group, Mark-It Off, executed a marketing overhaul for the Hays local business, Paisley Pear Wine Bar, Bistro, and Market. The group created promotional videos and pictures, social media campaigns, and updating the website. The overarching goal of the project was to increase brand visibility and awareness throughout the community.

Paisley Pear Website

B+ - The Capstone group, B+, created a technological solution to reduce the number of children that are left in a hot car. B+ created a phone application that utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy beacons to send a notification if a child carrier is accidentally forgotten in a car. B+ has created the application and plans to expand upon the user interface in the future.

2017 Projects

Syndicate Technologies - The capstone group, Syndicate Technologies, project was for the local Hays public library. The group performed networking upgrades for the library by creating new cables, cable management on switch and router racks, and created a logical map of the library’s network. The group also updated the the library website, to a modern management system that can be easily updated by library staff.

Hays Public Library

Systems Improvement Squad - Systems Improvement Squad’s client was Tiger Media Network. The group updated the old Tiger Media Network web site, making it more user-friendly and interactive whilst moving the site to a different domain name. The group also made promotional fliers and videos to promote Tiger Media Network throughout campus.

Tiger Media Network

Brû Crû - The capstone group, Brû Crû, project was performed for the client, Defiance Brewing. The group created promotional videos and graphics for Defiance Brewing with the goal of increasing brand visibility in the Hays and surrounding areas.

Ambitious Beer Promotion
Taproom Promotion

Digital Divide Studios - Digital Divide Studio’s client was the Fort Hays State University Art Department. The group created promotional videos for the art department to showcase different programs within the art department. The overarching goal of the project was to increase awareness of the concentrations within the art department as well as showcasing some of the art being created.

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