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LDRS 310 Projects

The purpose of the LDRS 310 interdisciplinary course is to help move students from the study of leadership to the actual participation in a leadership project. Students are asked to serve as citizen leaders in a local community project of their choice in conjunction with an existing organization. Course activities include: recognizing a community problem, working with other concerned citizens to develop a plan of action, and implementing that plan.

LDRS 310 is a service-learning course which is a culmination to the Leadership Studies program core courses. Service-learning is a targeted response to community needs and leadership development issues that lie at the intersection of theory, practice, self, and community.

Service-learning should not be misconstrued as just doing a project to help others. It is much more than that in that the learning is reciprocated during the service. This is what makes service-learning such a unique learning experience. What is learned is different for each student, but can be enriched through the intense reflection process. It differs from the community service done at the high-school level or as part of a college student organization. Traditional volunteerism is differentiated from service-learning by the reciprocal learned amount that occurs between those being served and those serving.

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