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Department of Leadership Studies
Fort Hays State University
600 Park Street
Rarick Hall 235
Phone: 785-628-4303
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Leadership Studies Faculty and Staff

Fulltime Faculty and Staff:

    Dr. Jill Arensdorf
    Ms. Patricia Blanton
    Mr. Korby Boswell
    Dr. Curt Brungardt
    Dr. Christie Brungardt
    Dr. Brent Goertzen
    Ms. Jackie Gottschalk
    Dr. Justin Greenleaf
    Ms. Alma Hidalgo
    Mr. Seth Kastle
    Ms. Heather Kriley
    Mr. Mardell Maxwell
    Dr. Jeni McRay
    Ms. Alyssa Peppiatt
    Mr. Jon Piszczek
    Ms. Pandora Rupert
    Mr. Troy Terry
    Mr. Brett Whitaker
Leadership Studies Faculty Members

Experience guidance from caring faculty and advisors.


Adjunct Faculty

Mr. Jon Armstrong
Dr. Keith Clayton
Mr. Mike DeGrosky
Dr. Don Dunn
Mr. David Foster
Ms. Cathie Klein
Mr. Karl Klein
Mr. Mike Knehr
Ms. Gail Kuehl
Ms. Audrey Lindenmeyer
Ms. Jeanie Michaelis
Dr. Jeff Miller
Mr. John Montgomery
Mrs. Kathy Nordyke
Ms. Allison Ochoa
Ms. Kathy Osgood
Ms. Suzanne Parker
Ms. Jordyn Sanders
Ms. Laurie Sevedge-Beane
Ms. Kala Steffen
Ms. Mallory Trusty
Ms. Stacy Ward-Lattin
Dr. Jeff Wiggerman

"My advisor is very easy to reach and spends quality time with me.  She helps me determine the steps necessary to take full advantage of my education."

-Tim Williams, Washington DC, virtual graduate