Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies Staff

Dr. Andrew Feldstein
Picture of Dr. Andrew Feldstein

Interim Assistant Provost for Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies
Office: Tomanek Hall 160
Phone: 785-628-4788
Email: apfeldstein@fhsu.edu

  • Research and Development of Technology Enhanced Learning Tools and Platforms
  • Professional Development in Social and Collaborative Online and Blended Learning
  • Integrate Community of Inquiry Framework in Course Development and Delivery
Dr. Robert Luehrs
Picture of Dr. Robert Luehrs

Teaching Excellence Coordinator
Office: Tomanek Hall 164
Phone: 785-628-4193
Email: rluehrs@fhsu.edu

  • Confidential one-on-one mentoring and consultation
  • Advice on preparing tenure and promotion notebooks
  • Counsel based on classroom visitations
Seung Gutsch
Picture of Seung Gutsch

Instructional Designer
Office: Remote
Phone: 620-794-8131
Email: shgutsch@fhsu.edu

  • Course development support
  • Faculty consultation for effective teaching and learning
  • Workshops on emerging technologies and instructional design
Dr. Linda A
Picture of Dr. Linda A

Instructional Designer
Office: Tomanek Hall 166
Phone: 785-628-4482
Email: g_a@fhsu.edu

  • Course development support
  • Faculty consultation for effective teaching and learning
  • Workshops on emerging technologies and instructional design
Nicole Frank
Picture of Nicole Frank

Faculty Development Coordinator
Office: Tomanek Hall 162
Phone: 785-628-5721
Email: nmfrank@fhsu.edu

  • Faculty Development Liaison for COE, COHBS, and WCOSTM
  • Chair of Faculty Development Committee, Co-Chair of Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee
  • Research interests: faculty/staff relationships, motivation, morale
Valerie Brown-Kuchera
Picture of Valerie Brown-Kuchera

Faculty Development Specialist
Office: Tomanek Hall 163A
Phone: 785-628-4378
Email: vcbrownkuchera@fhsu.edu

  • Faculty Development Liaison for COAHSS, RCOBE
  • Support for the development, delivery, and continuous improvement of transformative teaching
  • Collaboration with faculty to integrate evidence-based pedagogies, innovative teaching practices, and effective assessments into their courses
  • Monitoring, collection, and dissemination of developments in adult learning theory, methodologies, and evolving student populations
Minghao (Edward) Tao
Picture of Minghao (Edward) Tao

Senior Blackboard Support Coordinator
Office: Tomanek Hall 125G
Phone: 785-628-4472
Email: m_toa@fhsu.edu

  • Provide trouble-shooting assistance to faculty for Blackboard
  • Offer workshops/individual training on use/applications of technology tools (e.g., Blackboard, Respondus, VoiceThread, Collaborate, and other building blocks)
  • Explores new technologies for possible adoption
Kevin Staab
Picture of Kevin Staab

Media Resources Technologist
Office: Tomanek Hall 125H
Phone: 785-628-4452
Email: kstaab@fhsu.edu

  • Converting or adding media to iTunesU
  • Media duplication and conversion (tape to digital)
  • Campus cable system support
Nathan Riedel
Picture of Nathan Riedel

Learning Media Coordinator
Office: Tomanek Hall 168
Phone: 785-628-5833
Email: nlriedel@fhsu.edu

  • Technology Video Tutorials
  • Video Creation Assistance
  • Instructional Technology Support
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