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Voice Thread

Voice Thread is an interactive multimedia tool that allows users to comment on images, documents, and videos in a slideshow format. Unlike traditional discussion boards, instructors and students can leave comments using text, audio, or video on instructional materials. To learn more about what Voicethread can do for your online classes, go to

How to:

VoiceThread Integration in Blackboard

VoiceThread Sign Up Through Blackboard

Create a VoiceThread Presentations: Document Tutorial

Creating a VoiceThread Presentation: Video Tutorial

Share a VoiceThread Presentation

Sharing a VoiceThread Presentation: Video Tutorial

FACULTY: Embed/link to a VoiceThread Presentation in Blackboard

STUDENTS: How to Share a VoiceThread Presentation in Blackboard

How to Make Comments on a VoiceThread Presentation


Connecting your Microphone to VoiceThread

Connecting your Webcam to VoiceThread

To get started with Voice Thread, click on the following link for tutorials,

The same tutorials can be found in your blackboard course menu by following this path: FHSUHelpfulResources/BlackboardTechnologyResources/UsingVoiceThread


VoiceThread Support team offers workshop series in the new year to help instructors get the most from VoiceThread. All are completely free, and anyone is welcome to join!

Upcoming Workshops:

Each workshop will focus on a different set of skills. Click here to learn more and register for upcoming workshops.

Basic Workshops:

Click here to view previous workshops or to register for upcoming ones.

About these workshops:

Each workshop session is led by George Haines, an expert VoiceThreader, Instructional Designer, and former educator. George will help you learn basic VoiceThread skills and discover new ways of applying those skills to enhance your classes.


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