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Mon-Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Staff: Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies Staff

Faculty Development Liaisons


For Blackboard Support: 

Blackboard Support Center

Phone: Call TigerTech at 785-628-3478
Faculty Only:

Course Development

We coordinate and oversee the design and development of online and blended/hybrid courses, in partnership with faculty course developers. This process is intended to result in high-quality learning experiences based on instructional design and cognitive processing research. Select from the links below to learn more.


Virtual College Course Development

The online course development process is designed to develop courses that are offered through the Virtual College. The process takes 16 weeks. There are three different pathways to choose. Each Pathway has its own timeline and contract requirements. Developing a course is a collaborative process that requires a collective effort among faculty and the instructional designer to produce quality and engaging online course.

VC Course Development Pathway


Consult with Our Instructional Design Team

Designing course is a complex process. If you are looking for an assistant on course design or seeking expertise on curriculum, course, or lesson design, this is a good place to start. We provide course design resources and customized course design consultation based on your interests, and technology enhanced solutions.

Explore Consultation Options

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