How to Reach Us

Kaley Klaus, MLS Coordinator
College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Fort Hays State University
600 Park Street
Rarick Hall 235

Apply for the Master of Liberal Studies

All applicants must:

  1. Submit a formal application for admission,
  2. Send official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate course work
  3. Submit two (2) Letters of Recommendation
  4. Submit a personal statement
  5. Additional materials requested by your chosen concentration (if applicable)

Once you have submitted all materials, the Graduate School will forward the materials to the department that hosts your chosen concentration. Your application will be reviewed by the MLS advisor and/or departmental admissions committee for consideration and recommendation. Once the Graduate School receives the departmental recommendation, you will be assigned a faculty advisor. Finally, the Graduate School will complete its evaluation and notify you of the action taken and your admission status. You should watch your email address for updates that may be requested by Graduate School admissions staff.

After Being Admitted

Once you have been notified that you are admitted to the MLS program and have been assigned an advisor, you'll want to contact that advisor to coordinate a class schedule. Do this early enough before classes start, so that the courses for your program do not close. Also, after you have been admitted to this concentration, please review the MLS Checklist, and carefully read the MLS Student Handbook.

Please see the FHSU Graduate School policies regarding your ability to enroll in classes before you are considered for admission.

If you have questions or would like more information about the Master of Liberal Studies degree program, please contact the MLS Coordinator.

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