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Kaley Klaus, MLS Coordinator
College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
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How can we help?

If you have a question, problem, concern, or suggestion, what should you do?

  1. If it relates to a class, contact your instructor as soon as possible. Allow the instructor 48 hours to respond, unless the semester has ended (in which case, allow the instructor a week or two to respond). If the instructor ddoes not respond within that period of time, please contact the MLS Coordinator.
  2. If you have a general question about the MLS program, please contact the MLS Coordinator.
  3. If your question or concern relates to enrolling in classes, contact your faculty advisor prior to pre-enrollment. Pre-enrollment for Summer and Fall occurs at the end of March/beginning of April. Pre-enrollment for Spring occurs at the end of October/beginning of November. Allow two or three days for your advisor to respond. If your advisor hasn't responded after your second message, please email the MLS Coordinator.

If you have a question or concern that does not seem to be addressed here or on the FAQ page, please email the MLS Coordinator. We want to be as responsive as possible to your questions, concerns or suggestions. By contacting us, you can help us serve all students better.

Important Dates & Deadlines

Here are a few useful links to calendars and dates to help keep you organized:

If you have additional questions about important dates and deadlines, please contact the MLS Coordinator.

Comprehensive Exams

All students receiving the Master of Liberal Studies degree are required to take TWO comprehensive exams: 1) the MLS core exam, which covers content and skills from the core courses (IDS 801, 802, 803, & 804), and 2) the concentration exam, which covers content and skills obtained in concentration courses. Students completing a thesis in their concentration are required to take the MLS core exam only. Students should sign-up for comprehensive exams with the Graduate School prior to the sign-up deadline posted each semester.

Important: Students should have a Program of Study and be admitted to candidacy prior to taking comprehensive exams; please discuss these items with your advisor.

Concentration Exams

Concentration exams are administered by advisors, and should be completed and graded in advance of the comprehensive exam reporting deadline posted each semester by the Graduate School. Each concentration has full authority over the format, content, and grading methods for this exam.

MLS Core Exam

The MLS core exam is administered by the MLS Coordinator and Graduate School at least three-weeks prior to the comprehensive exam reporting deadline posted each semester by the Graduate School. The MLS core exam is available on Blackboard for a period of time specified by the MLS Coordinator, and students will have that time in which to access and work on the exams. Access to the MLS core exam site will be closed, except during the examination period.

The MLS core exam includes research and a writing prompt. Students will carefully consult the research and write a position paper that will be uploaded on the Blackboard site before the end of the examination period. Exam graders are looking for the application of skills that students learned in their IDS 800-level courses, specifically the ability to work with scholarly research, analyze it, and synthesize it in writing. There are typically no study questions available, for graders are looking for the application of skills, not memorization. A copy of the MLS core exam grading rubric used to assess the exams will be available to students on the Blackboard site. The rubric is based on a 10-point scale. The lowest possible passing grade is 6.0/10 (60%), averaged among all readers of the exam. Final scores are available on the Blackboard site prior to final reporting to the Graduate School. Graded rubrics reflecting the final score of the exam will be sent to students upon request to the MLS Coordinator.

Numbers to Know


MLS Coordinator -4384
Career Services -4260
TigerTech -5276
Financial Aid Release -4252
Financial Assistance -4408
Graduate School -4236
Library -4434
Registrar's Office -4222
Student Fiscal Services (tuition, fees) -5251
Veteran's Information -4078
Virtual College -4291
Virtual College enrollment/registration -4123
Your faculty advisor (campus switchboard to connect you) -4000 or 1-800-628-FHSU
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