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Art History Concentration

About the Program

The Department of Art at Fort Hays State University provides avenues for research and development of personal creative expression within the area of the visual arts. Faculty seek to enrich student lives through courses designed to enrich their appreciation of the visual arts and to prepare art majors to be productive members of their profession and society. The department acts as a cultural resource for western Kansas through changing exhibitions in the Moss-Thorns Gallery of Art and through faculty consultations and public presentations. Faculty are dedicated to continuing research and service to students, the university, and the western Kansas community. The Department of Art offers the Master of Liberal Studies degree in Art History. 

Graduates of the MLS with a concentration in Art History often pursue further graduate study, or go on to become instructors in the discipline, art critics, museum curators, and gallery managers. 

#1 Masters in Art and Art History Program by Most Affordable Masters in Art and Art History Program

Program Admissions Requirements

Individuals applying for admittance into the MLS concentration in Art History must meet the following criteria or receive permission from the Art Department in order to qualify for admittance to the program:

  • Must have a Bachelor's in Art History or Studio Art from an accredited institution.
  • Art History applicants must have 12 hours of undergraduate art history.
  • Must submit a sample of writing in art history.
  • Must submit a professional resume.

Program Curriculum

MLS Core Courses: 10 credit hours (required)

  • IDS 801: Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies
  • IDS 802: Ways of Knowing in Comparative Perspective
  • IDS 803: Origins and Implications of the Knowledge Society
  • IDS 804: Information Literacy

Concentration: 18 credit hours

  • ART 875: Topics in Art (with variable-content titles)
  • ART 880: Graduate Readings in Art History
  • ART 881: Seminar: Ancient Art History
  • ART 882: Seminar: Non-Western Art History
  • ART 883: Seminar: Medieval Art
  • ART 884: Seminar: Renaissance/Baroque Art History
  • ART 886: Seminar: 18th-19th Century Art History
  • ART 887: Seminar: 20th Century Art*

Culminating Experience: 3 credit hours

  • ART 880: Graduate Readings in Art History
  • ART 889: Concepts of Art (on-campus only) 

Total Hours Required: 31 credit hours

The transcript notation for a student completing this concentration may read as:

  • Master of Liberal Studies
  • Major: Liberal Studies (Art)

Program Contact

Contact Ms. Erica Bittel to see if the Master of Liberal Studies concentration in Art History is right for you. Once you have been admitted to the MLS concentration in Art, please follow the MLS Checklist and carefully read the the MLS Student Handbook.

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