Master of Liberal Studies Program Details

The MLS program of study consists of:

Core Courses: 10 Credit Hours
Area of Concentration: 18 Credit Hours
Culminating Experience: 3 Credit Hours
Comprehensive Exam
TOTAL: 31 Credit Hours

Core Classes (10 credit hours)
Regardless of your area of concentration, you will enroll in a series of four interdisciplinary core course throughout your degree program related to the organizing theme, "Ways of Knowing: A Foundation for Understanding and Exploring the Emerging Knowledge Society." This theme is broad enough to focus on historical and emerging "ways of knowing", yet defined enough for you to explore and understand the ways in which various knowledge are generated, researched, applied and managed in our information-based world. The core courses include:

Check availability of the core courses. On the TigerTracks landing page, click on Course Schedule. See also the core course delivery schedule.

Concentration (18 hours)
You will work closely with your graduate advisor to develop your concentration program of study.

Culminating Experience (3 hours)
The final 3 credit hours of your degree program comprise the culminating experience. While the culminating experience may take a variety of forms, graduate candidates often complete one of the following:

  • internship
  • project
  • thesis

Some departments ask students to work just with their advisors and other departments ask the graduate student to work with a committee to determine the specific parameters of your culminating experience. For more information on the requirements of the internship or practicum option, please check with your graduate advisor.

Comprehensive Exams (no credit)
Students are required to take comprehensive examinations in compliance with the Graduate School policy. We recommend that you take comprehensive exams in the last semester that you are taking regular coursework.

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If you have questions or would like more information about the Master of Liberal Studies degree program, please contact the MLS Program Coordinator.

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