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Online Masters in Nursing Education

The Department of nursing prepares students for roles in nursing education with the Masters of Nursing Education Track. With 100% of course work online, this program is suitable for the working RN who desires a career in nursing education.

The department offers personalized advising and small class sizes. With rolling classes each semester, students can complete courses on a timeline that fits their schedule. This means that you can take these on-line courses from the comfort of your own home, plus have opportunities for live interaction among faculty and other students. The education experiences needed for the Nursing Education track can be taken near your place of residence to aid in the convenience of balancing your education with family and job responsibilities.

Online Masters in Nursing Education Application

FHSU Department of Nursing requires two (2) applications as well as other requirements before you can be admitted to the Masters of Science in Nursing Program.

Fort Hays State University Department of Nursing does not accept applications for the nursing program from the following states: Tennessee, Utah, Alabama

Graduation School Application Information
You will submit this application to the Graduate School.

Completed applications will be reviewed monthly.

Please examine the program summary below and browse this site for information regarding scholarships that are available and other pertinent information.

If you have any questions, call Joyce Dechant at (785) 628-4256.

Admission and Progression Requirements for Graduate Nursing Students

Post Masters Certificate
For students who have already obtained a graduate degree in nursing, the department offers a post-masters certificate in nursing education. This certificate program is perfect for the advanced practice nurse or nursing administrator who wishes to enhance teaching skills.

Note to International Students: The MSN Program is an on-line program. It does not meet the requirements for International students who require on-campus courses.

Online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) for Nurse Educators

Program Overview
(Full Curriculum & Course Rotation PDF)

NURS 808 Advanced Statistics 3
NURS 809 Advanced Foundations for Nursing Practice 3
NURS 810 Developing Nursing Theories 3
NURS 807 Advanced Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, & Health Assessment for Nurse Educators & Nurse Administrators 3
NURS 802 Advanced Health Assessment Practicum for Educators and Administrators 1
NURS 814 Healthcare: Policy/Politics/Organization/Cost 2
NURS 872 Informatics in Health Care Systems 3
NURS 882 Research in Nursing 3

NURS 866 Teaching Strategies in Nursing 3
NURS 867 Apprenticeship: Teaching Strategies 2
NURS 868 Curriculum Planning: Nursing Education 3
NURS 869 Apprenticeship: Nursing Education Curriculum Planning 1
NURS 870 Nursing Education: Curriculum Evaluation 3
NURS 890 Development of an Evidence-Based Practice Project 1
NURS 891 Implementation & Evaluation of an Evidence-Based Practice Project 2


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