Student Handbook

When you join the Fort Hays State University family, you are joining a community of learners committed to being forward thinking and world ready. The Handbook for Students is designed to orient you to FHSU as you begin this journey. It contains information on the academic, social, and personal development opportunities available to you and the many resources to help you find advice and make good choices.

The next four years provide the best possible opportunity for you to stretch, take a chance, in your curricular and extra-curricular life. Take time to reflect on who you are and who you are trying to become. Take classes in subjects that introduce you to fields and ideas outside of your concentration and help you develop new ways of thinking and understanding. Participate in activities you have never tried. And most important of all, reach out to and connect with people who are different from you. FHSU faculty, staff and administration pride themselves in helping students become forward thinking and world ready.

I look forward to meeting many of you at functions both formal and informal. Please feel free to come to my office hours to discuss any issues of concerns to you, or just to get acquainted. If you see me on campus, please introduce yourself.

If there is anything we can do to help you better navigate your college life, I hope you will let me know. Welcome to the FHSU family - GO TIGERS!

Teresa Clounch, Ed.D.
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

"The spirit of community will be sustained by a climate
on the campus where personal relationships are prized,
where integrity is the hallmark of discourse, and where
people speak and listen to each other carefully."

-- Ernest Boyer, former US commissioner of education



Academic Policies and Procedures
Academic Appeals
Academic Honesty
Withdrawing Courses

Conduct within Community
Judicial Overview
Behavioral Intervention Team
Illegal Downloading
Judicial Processes
Gender-Based Violence Policy
Gender-Based Violence Definitions
Resources and Services
Education and Training
Honor Code
Alcohol and Drug Free
Tobacco Use
Missing Student Policy

Life at FHSU
Residential Life
Residential Life Policies and Procedures
Registered Student Organizations
Student Organization Policies and Procedures
Student Government Association and Allocations
Special Events and Opportunities
Campus Posting Policies

Security Report
Crime Tips
Crisis Management Plan
Student Directory Information and Privacy Rights
Solicitation Policy

Financial Information
Tuition and Fees

Student Absence - Returning to Campus
Top Ten Tips: Supporting Faculty in Understanding Essential Information
to Promote Student Success

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