Resources for Psychology Students

Check below for useful information and resources for both undergraduate and graduate psychology students.

Have an idea for a resource? Send Vicki an email to suggest it.

Psychology Department Grade Appeal Policy (PDF File)
—This document describes the grade appeal policy within the Department of Psychology.

Graduate Guide  (PDF)
—The Graduate Guide describes policies and procedures for graduate students in the Department of Psychology.

Application Information for Graduate Programs at the Graduate School Web site
-Please note that Psychology Graduate Applications require a specific letter of recommendation form. It can be found on the page linked above

Frequently Asked Questions - a list of the most asked questions concerning application to Psychology Master's Programs

Assistantship Information and Application at the Graduate School Web site

Information for current Graduate Students about Program of Study, Candidacy, and other requirements

Ethics Information
Institutional Review Board  (IRB)
Institutional Care of Use of Animals Committee  (IACUC) 

Research Participation Slips  (Downloadable form, Microsoft Word Document)
— These slips are needed to provide documentation for students who have participated in a departmental research project.

Internship Opportunities
— This page is currently under construction, but when completed will have information about any psychology internships available, or internship sites commonly used by our graduate students.

Diversity Library Catalog 
—Click the above link to download a Microsoft Word document containing information about books available for checkout in the Psychology Department Diversity Library.

Therapedia: A practical encyclopedia of Mental Health from

PowerPoint Presentations from KMHCA Conference
Mood Disorders in Children Presentation
Mood Disorders Presentation
Anxiety Presentation
Defense Mechanisms Presentation

Professional Organizations and Career Information

Check out this link for information concerning careers in Psychology. Various Web sites containing information pertinent to both graduate and undergraduate students are included.


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