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Associate in Applied Science in Technology and Leadership

Industrial Technology Concentration

Required Courses for all Concentrations Areas:
ENG 101 English Composition I 3 hours
ENG 102 English Composition II 3 hours
COMM 100 Fundamentals of Oral Communication 3 hours
MIS 101 Introduction to Computer Information Systems 3 hours

Economics/ Finance / Math Options (choose one from the following):
ECFI 201 Principles of Economics: Micro 3 hours
ECFI 202 Principles of Economics: Macro 3 hours
FIN 205 Theory and Practice of Personal Finance 3 hours
MATH 101 Liberal Arts Mathematics * 3 hours
MATH 110 College Algebra * 3 hours

*Note: Leadership Studies requires three credits of math as part of the 15 hours of required courses; either MATH 101 -or- MATH110 will fulfill the program requirement. The business concentrations require MATH 110 as part of the business programs of study; ECFI 201, EFCI 202, or FIN 205 will fulfill the above general requirement for the two business concentrations.

Required Courses for Industrial Technology

TECS 120 Power, Energy, & Transportation 3 hours
TECS 180 Materials, Processes, & Production 3 hours
TECS 312 Graphic Communication Techniques 3 hours
TECS 406 Prob. In Tech Studies: Industry Safety Course 1 hours
TECS 480 Industrial Management 3 hours
TECS 490 Occupational Safety, Health, & Liability 2 hours

TECS Electives or approved technical transfer hours 30 hours

TOTAL HOURS REQUIRED-Industrial Technology 45 hours

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