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Student / Graduate Performance and Achievement Applied Technology University
Freshman Department Scholarships Awarded* 14 (78%) 542 (58%)
Average ACT Score* 21 21
On-Campus Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)* 2.89 2.96
Employment Success Rate* 97% 95%
One Year After Graduation Estimated Salary Average $44,000 N/A
Three Years After Graduation Estimated Salary Average $52,000 N/A

*Five Year Average


Jace Stewart (2007)
Drafting Technology Instructor
Eudora School District
Olathe, KS

I am working for the Eudora School District in both the middle school and the high school in Kansas. At the middle school level, I teach Explorations in Technology, which is a module-based class that provides students with hands-on learning opportunities in the field of technology. At the high school level, I am the drafting technology teacher. I also am the head boys' middle school track coach and an assistant football coach. The student teaching internship and sports - football in particular - that I took part in at FHSU gave me the skills and experience I needed to take on leadership roles as both a coach and a teacher.

Todd Dumler (2005)
Project Manager
Murray & Sons Construction Co., Inc.
Topeka, KS

I currently manage the renovation of Jolliffe Hall for the Manhattan Christian College, and assist the Vice President of the company with the K-State Parking garage, and the Basehor-Linwood Middle School. My primary responsibility is to ensure that the project is completed on time and within the budget. Most of my time is spent coordinating material deliveries, and solving problems that arise on the jobsite. The single greatest benefit that I have from a college education is the ability to speak and write clearly and concisely. Every day, I converse both orally and in writing with other professionals. I have more confidence going into jobsite meetings because I know that no matter who shows up, I can have an intelligent conversation with them. The benefit that I got specifically from attending FHSU was that my employer knew before they hired me, that I would have an excellent work ethic. Murray & Sons Construction has hired other people out of the other programs and none lasted. We now employ 4 FHSU Industrial Technology graduates. I interned with B.A. Green Construction out of Lawrence, Kan. Upon the completion of the five-month internship, I had a job offer both at B.A. Green Construction & Murray & Sons Construction. The internship gave me valuable first-hand experience in a commercial construction setting.

Kevin Thompson (2007)
Field Development Technician
Hemisphere GPS
Bendena, KS

I work with my boss to create an automated hydraulic steering solution for aftermarket farm vehicles. This product is called eDrive from a ground agriculture business called Outback Guidance.

I interned with Hemisphere GPS, and through that internship, I was able to get my foot in the door for my profession as a field development technician. The internship program is a great tool for students. Working in the field as a student, you can build on skills that you simply cannot learn in the classroom. It supplemented my learning experience and provided actual work experience. My internship at Hemisphere GPS allowed me to start a working relationship with my co-workers by connecting me to the business. The basic knowledge given to me by FHSU has been a stepping stone for my career. I'm not afraid to learn something new every day.

Brent J. Bieker (2007)
Career Building Systems Technician
GE Johnson Construction Company
Aurora, CO

I work on commercial buildings such as condominiums, hospitals, schools, and high rise buildings. My responsibilities involve troubleshooting and coordinating Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems against Architectural and Structural disciplines. I model the architectural and structural parts of buildings in 3D using Revit, in a practice called Building Information Modeling (BIM). I also help to create concrete lift drawings.

My academic experience helped me by laying a basic foundation for what I'm doing and helped me to understand buildings and drafting principles I use every day. It provided me with enough knowledge to get started and to continually learn. I took part in an internship at GE Johnson Construction and was hired full time. By the time I completed my internship, I had learned the basics of modeling building structures and understanding how the systems inside them work. Without the internship, I would have missed out on this opportunity. And trying to get a job would have been more difficult. Because of the internship, I was able to learn on the job for an entire summer.

Teresa Pentecost-Wilken (2011)
Ellis, KS

The Technology Leadership Program allows for a variety of career opportunities. Leadership courses give you a background understanding of multiple types of leadership styles and how to put them into action in multiple situations. The technology courses are vital to multiple careers. Most businesses and industries utilize technology on some level to succeed in today's society.

The BTL courses have been vital to my success and advancements with my current career projects and leadership of subordinates, as well as working with area youths on multiple projects. I now have career options that would not have been available to me without the degree.

Predrag Basic (2009)
Senior Business Systems Analyst
CACI International
Jacksonville, FL

I came to the United States with an Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Technology from my home country, former Yugoslavia. The BS degree in Technology Leadership from FHSU was the best fit for my career path and educational background at the time. It was an easy transition. The professional attitude and approach from the staff made it a great journey and allowed me to complete my BS degree in only two years while working full time.

I obtained an MBA degree in 2011 and have advanced my career even further. I am working as Senior Business Systems Analyst on one IT project here in Jacksonville. Thanks to that initial step and enrollment, I was able to fulfill my dreams and excel in multiple aspects of my life. Studying at the FHSU Virtual College was a great experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who is not able to attend on-campus classes.

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