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COBE Handbook

  1. Faculty Resource Support
    1. Academic Services
      1. Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning Technology (CTELT)
      3. Forsyth Library
      4. Faculty members have access to services provided by Forsyth Library. The Faculty ID card is needed to check out books and other materials. Forsyth Library allocates annual funding for the acquisition of books and videos to each academic department. One member of each department is assigned as the library liaison for their department. Faculty members submit requests for books and videos (to be ordered by the library for its collection) to the library liaison who will then prioritize requests from all departmental faculty and submit them to the library for ordering.
    3. Summer Research Funds
    4. Applications for Summer Research Funds are usually due in February for the following summer. Applications are available from the Graduate School.
      Due to the support of alumni and employers, the COBE offers college level programs supporting summer research. Information on such programs will be relayed to faculty via email, policies and applications forms will be posted on the COBE Blackboard site.
      A sample application form can be viewed at: Faculty members may apply for funding from the University Faculty Development Fund. The Faculty Development Committee reviews applications twice per semester during the regular academic year. The deadline dates are September 20, November 1, February 1, and April 1. There is a $1,000 limit per person per year, cumulative over an academic year. The Faculty Development application form is a Lotus Notes application and is submitted electronically. Questions concerning the application can be directed to the Provost's Office.
    5. Grant and Grant Writing Support
    6. The FHSU Graduate School provides a series of services to assist faculty in successful grant writing. The Graduate School provides assistance in finding grant options, with writing, and budgeting of grant applications and with administering successful grants.
    7. Graduate Assistants
    8. At least one graduate assistant is assigned to each department in the College of Business and Entrepreneurship and should be available to help faculty with research activities. The department chair will assign the duties for the graduate assistant. Faculty members should alert the chair to their particular need for help with research activities.
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