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Due to the generous support of alumni, employers, and friends, the Robbins College of Business and Entrepreneurship has an enviable depth of scholarships available to compliment one of the best tuition rates in America. We know that scholarships make a difference in the amount of time students have available to focus on classes and may be the deciding factor as to whether a student is able to afford to go to college or remain in college.

University Level Scholarships

  • Eligible students must be enrolled full time for the upcoming academic year.
  • Awards available to first time incoming freshmen only
    • Gold, Bronze, Silver, Copper - scholarship awards available to students who receive a qualifying score on their ACT test.
    • Academic Opportunity Award - scholarships available to students who meet certain requirements defined by their department major
    • Other scholarships are targeted toward sophomores, juniors, and seniors (unless otherwise noted)

Robbins College of Business and Entrepreneurship Scholarships

College level scholarships are listed below by category. To apply, follow this link to the Financial Assistance Scholarship website. The priority deadline for scholarships is November 15. The final deadline is February 15. We strongly encourage students to apply and to take advantage of the support that is available for you!

Scholarships Available for All Robbins College Majors
           Applied Business Studies
                     Business Education
                     Tourism and Hospitality Management
          Economics, Finance, and Accounting
                     International Business and Economics
                     Computer Networking and Telecommunications
                     Digital Media Production and Journalism
                     Management Information Systems
                     Web and Mobile Application Development
           Special Partnerships
                    Robbins Banking Institute
                     Kansas Insurance Certificate
                    Dane G. Hansen Entrepreneurship Hall

          Robbins Ambassador Scholarship 

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