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Dane G. Hansen Scholarship Hall

In the Fall of 2016 a new scholarship hall will open that will house students who are enthusiastic about entrepreneurship. The building will be dedicated to higher education that will foster leadership, entrepreneurial market driven ideas and action. The hall will bring together people with a passion for entrepreneurship and desire to develop the skills to take an idea from concept to reality. It will have unique learning activities for students who want to launch startups or to learn about entrepreneurship through doing.

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Dane G. Hansen Scholarship Hall Application

Learning Communities

The FHSU Robbins College of Business and Entrepreneurship hosts two learning communities for freshmen. These are "Everybody's Business" and "4-C Innovation." These communities are designed to attract and to support outstanding students. They take core first-year classes together and are involved in extra activities in their focus areas. Both of these learning communities are infused with key elements of entrepreneurship. Both engage students in working with actual startup and micro enterprises.

Entrepreneurship Internships

Many students are interested in knowing more about entrepreneurship from the front row. However, many solo entrepreneurs and startups are unable to hire interns. This program provides scholarships to enable students to intern in these types of businesses. Students provide businesses with valuable talent and businesses provide students with extremely valuable learning experiences.


Student Businesses and Ideas

FHSU believes that student business ideas, products, and service belong to students. Fort Hays State University is an innovative university in supporting student business ideas, development of software, and other products and services. Unlike many universities, it does not claim the businesses, patents, or other intellectual property of students.

The university intellectual property policy states in part:

If faculty members, staff members, or students develop software, hardware, or other intellectual innovations, or obtain patents or software copyrights solely as a result of their own creative and intellectual effort, time, resources, and money, then those individuals shall be the sole beneficiaries of any royalties or profits deriving there from.

There are exceptions if a student receives university or federal funding for research and development. He or she may commit to follow federal grant policies or may exchange portions of businesses and other property in exchange for support or funding. To view the full policy, follow this link.


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