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Dr. Paul Adams
Dr. Paul Adams

College of Education, Dean
Anschutz Professor of Education and Professor of Physics
Rarick Hall 213 B

Dr. Jerri Haynes
Haynes Jerri

College of Education
Assistant Dean/Associate Professor
Rarick Hall 213A

Mrs. Amie Wright
Wright, Amie BI5A8156 web use

College of Education
Assessment and Accreditation Assistant Program Director
Rarick Hall 215

Mrs. Maureen Mindrup
Maureen Mindrup

College of Education
Administrative Specialist
Rarick Hall 213

Mr. Shawn Henderson

College of Education
Director of Field Experience
Rarick Hall 220C

Mrs. Kerry Schuckman
Schuckman, Kerry BI5A9992 web use

College of Education
Credential Specialist
Rarick Hall 220B

Mrs. Andi Beckman
Beckman, Andi BI5A8160 print use


College of Education
Academic Program Specialist
Rarick Hall 216

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Ms. Lacie Shoemaker
shoemaker, lacie

College of Education
Coordinator of Internships
Rarick Hall 220A

Mrs. Alyssa Chappel
Chappell Alyssa web

College of Education
Senior Administrative Assistant
Rarick Hall 220



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