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The College of Education at Fort Hays State University is committed to the University's American Democracy Project (ADP). The American Democracy Project (ADP) is an initiative created by the Fort Hays State University Center for Civic Leadership. ADP is a university-wide initiative designed to prepare the next generation of informed, engaged citizens for our democracy. The goal of the American Democracy Project is to produce university graduates with the civic knowledge, skills, and values who are committed to being active citizens in their communities. The ADP initiative provides numerous civic and political engagement activities that challenge and encourage students to find their place and make a difference.

Checkout the ADP website for more information. American Democracy Project (ADP)

Service Learning

Our teacher preparation has a strong history with service learning activities as part of their coursework. Service learning is defined as a method of teaching and learning that integrates community service activities to academic curricula and expands the learning of students from the classroom to the community. This pedagogy is designed to help teachers gain multicultural teaching competency and to encourage preservice teachers to participate in a democratic society (Wade, 2000; Anderson, 2000; Maybach, 1996; Root 1994). Second, service learning components prepare teachers to adopt similar pedagogies in their own classrooms when they enter the teaching field (Anderson, 2000; Root 1994). Wade et al. (1999) further report that as many as 30 percent of new teachers used service learning as teaching strategy during their first five years in the classroom (Helfenbein & Murtadha, 2007).



Special Projects



Upcoming Events - Save the Date

Olliff Family Educational Symposium - "Caring for Students and Caring for Faculty and Staff."

  • Keynote Speaker - Bernard Franklin
  • Luncheon Address - Randy Watson, Kansas State Department of Education Commissioner of Education
  • Date - April 5, 2018
  • Location - FHSU Campus
  • Breakout sessions and Registration coming soon!!

For more information contact the Department of Advanced Education Programs at 785-628-4283 or email James Barrett at


 After-School Involvement

  • Reading Tutoring & Elementary education interns work with area elementary children on literacy skills at various elementary schools in Hays


Community Engagement

  • Google for Education


Opportunity Through Education Living and Learning Community

Join a Learning Community at FHSU



Student Organization Engagement


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