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Fall 2018 - 310 Teams

Hays Arc Park - Happy Team (Fundraising)          

Team Members:                   Anna Deal

                                                Tatyana Legette

                                                Brad DeMers

                                                Samantha Shafer

                                                Dane Murzyn

Mission Statement:       

Our Mission as H.A.P.P.Y., is to help create a robust fundraising campaign to raise at least 1,000 dollars to help build a handicap accessible recreation complex available to all kids.


Cross-Generational Connections - Gamers Guild              

Team Members:                    Lexi Bergquist

                                                Riley Blagg

                                                Taquala Burke

                                                Mariam Sears

Mission Statement:

The Mission of Cross Generational Connections is to establish a self-sustainable series of recurring events hosted by The Gamers Guild, with the overarching objective of connecting community members across generational boundaries and helping children develop social skills that they will need throughout thier life.


The Major and Graduate Programs Fair                

Team Members:                   Jaryth Barten

                                                Criquet Smith

                                                Thea Ferland

                                                Mikayla Lawrence           

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Majors and Graduate Programs Fair Task Force is to create a more impactful experience for students attending the fair through increased engagement between student attendees and the FHSU academic departments.


Early Childhood Connections - Team Active        

Team Members:                   Hannah Magathan

                                                Taylor Ewalt

                                                Amanda Hurla

                                                Blake Wilson

                                                Savannah Rose

Mission Statement:

The mission of Team Active was to create an interactive wall for children in the Hays community to express their creativity with music and fun.


Pay It Forward Project – Breathe Coffee House

Team Members:                   Allison Muth

                                                Denice Lastra Blanco

                                                Quinn Munk

                                                Hannah Haury

Mission Statement:       

The Pay It Forward team is founded on service, communication, and collaboration to unify the Hays, Kansas community One Coffee Cup at a time.


Big Brothers, Big Sisters - Bigs on Campus           

Team Members:                   Audrie Bailey

                                                Rachel Unruh

                                                Shelbi McKenna

                                                Ethan Masterson

                                                Wen (Mona) Zhao           

Mission Statement         

Creating a positive change within the Hays and Fort Hays State University environment to benefit students on campus and youth throughout


Your Voice through Cancer - Hope Fighters         

Team Members:                   Jessica Heflin

                                                Bryn Haflinger

                                                Kylie Holmes

                                                Joshua Tway

                                                Stephanie Greenway     

Mission Statement:

The mission of Hope Fighters is to raise enough funds for the ten cancer patient's expenses including travel, food, and motels through Your Voice through Cancer so that they can help give cancer patients a peace of mind while going through treatment


Hays Arc Park Marketing Team 

Team Members:                   Aubrey Naden

                                                Monica Towns

                                                Tyler Renninson              

                                                Kelsey Todd-Anton

Mission Statement:       

The Hays Ark Park Marketing Team's mission is to construct a greater understanding the identifies the necessity for an accessible park for all members of the community, network with organizations both in and outside of Hays, and create multiple social media platforms that generate an enthusiastic engery about the Hays Arc Park complex.

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