Academic Programs

In the current business climate it is more important than ever to be a prepared, valuable employee.  This preparation goes beyond having the knowledge to solve job related problems; to be prepared you will need to be flexible, creative, and proactive.  To be considered a valuable employee you must be able to work with individuals from different areas, consider innovative ways to solve problems and positively promote your employer, you must also be on the lookout for the latest trends.  These traits, paired with the knowledge you will gain from a degree in the Department of Management, will prepare you to be successful in the future. 

Undergraduate Degrees

The Department of Management will prepare you in the field of your choice.  We offer Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Management. Our degree program offered on-campus and virtually.  This allows you to earn a degree half way around the world!  With on-campus and virtual degrees in the fastest-growing industries in business, graduating from the Department of Management is the first step in starting a rewarding career.

Bachelor of Science in Business Education

Are you looking for a degree that you can customize to set you up for your dream job? Whether you are wanting to spend your time in a classroom or a company, a degree in business education from FHSU will prepare you to become a licensed teacher or valuable employee.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

Do you thrive on leading people and working as part of a team?  As businesses become more complex, they will rely on individuals trained in management to help employees achieve goals. A major in management at FHSU will give you an understanding in all areas of the business world. 

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

Does the idea of sitting at a desk all day bore you? Companies must globally monitor changes in the consumer industry, and they are looking for educated professionals with the knowledge and skills that a degree in marketing from FHSU will provide you.

Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Hospitality

Do you love to travel, meet new people and immerse yourself in diverse cultures? Whether sailing the seas on a cruise ship or running a quaint bed and breakfast, the tourism and hospitality management program at FHSU will give you the foundation to take on the world of travel and tourism - one of the nation's fastest growing industries.



Whether you are majoring in business or another field, a minor is the perfect way to enhance your current degree.  The Department of Management offers several 21-hour minor programs for students to choose from.
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  • Minor in Business Administration*
  • Minor in Business Communication
  • Minor in Entrepreneurship
  • Minor in International Business
  • Minor in Management
  • Minor in Marketing

*Minors in Business Administration are only available to non-business majors.



The Department of Management has several 12-hour certificate programs that will allow you to fine tune your degree even further.  
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In order to complete a certificate you must fill out the Intent to Complete form attached to the certificate requirements and return it to McCartney 302.  Certificate requirements can be found by clicking on the name of the certificate.  Upon completion of the certificate requirements, you will be issued a printed certificate.

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