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Department of Political Science
Fort Hays State University
600 Park Street
Rarick Hall 355
Phone: 785-628-4425
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Faculty & Staff

Larry Gould, Ph.D.
Picture of Larry Gould, Ph.D.

Department Chair
Rarick 356
(785) 628-4425 

Larry Gould's Homepage

Dr. Josephine Squires
Picture of Dr. Josephine Squires

Rarick 356
(785) 628-5394

Josephine Squires' Homepage

Jian Sun, Ph.D.
Picture of Jian Sun, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Custer 303
(785) 628-4509

Jian Sun's Homepage

Chris Pappas
Picture of Chris Pappas

Adjunct Professor
(785) 628-4425

Micki Armstrong, M.S.
Picture of Micki Armstrong, M.S.

Online Advising
Custer Hall 305
(785) 628-5369

Micki Armstrong's Homepage

Krissy Allacher
Picture of Krissy Allacher

Senior Administrative Assistant
Rarick Hall 355
(785) 628-4425


Krissy Allacher's Homepage

Dr. Jay Steinmetz

Assistant Professor
Rarick Hall 316
(785) 628-4757


Jay Steinmetz's Homepage

Dr. Christopher Olds

Assistant Professor
Rarick Hall 314
(785) 628-4466

Christopher Olds' Homepage

Dr. Wendy Rohleder-Sook

Assistant Professor
Rarick Hall 315
(785) 628-4467


Wendy Rohleder-Sook's Homepage

Art Morin
Picture of Art Morin

Associate Professor Emeritus


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