What's Possible with a Degree from the

Institute of Applied Technology? 

The FHSU Institute of Applied Technology offers a thorough learning experience that allows each student to excel in the field of their choice. The three dominant areas that graduates enter are construction, manufacturing and communication. By acquiring extensive knowledge in each of these fields, students quickly obtain supervisory and leadership positions after graduation. The internship program is crucial, as it exposes students to every aspect of the business and industry operations process. A high percentage of students take on careers in industry, while a number move on to educational roles in middle and high schools. Graduates from this program have even adapted to engineering careers thanks to the application of science and math in industry settings. 

Possible Careers

  • Energy Conservation Managers
  • Technology Instructors
  • Robotics/Automated Systems Designer
  • General Construction Contractors
  • Industrial Supervisors
  • Carpenter/Cabinetmakers
  • Construction Estimators
  • Land Development Technicians
  • Manufacturing Plant Managers
  • Geographic Systems Technicians
  • Building Inspectors
  • Construction Project Managers
  • Machine/CNC Technicians
  • Production and Operations Manager

FHSU Applied Technology Graduates Testimonials  


Kevin Thompson (2007)
Field Development Technician
Hemisphere GPS
Bendena, KS

I work with my boss to create an automated hydraulic steering solution for after market farm vehicles. This product is called eDrive from a ground agriculture business called Outback Guidance. I interned with Hemisphere GPS, and through that internship, I was able to get my foot in the door for my profession as a field development technician. The internship program is a great tool for students. Working in the field as a student, you can build on skills that you simply can not learn in the classroom; it supplemented my learning experience and provided actual work experience. My internship at Hemisphere GPS allowed me to start a working relationship with my co-workers by connecting me to the business. The basic knowledge given to me by FHSU has been a stepping stone for my career. I’m not afraid to learn something new every day.

Kris G. Munsch (2003)
Instructor of Industrial Engineering
Bonner Springs High School - USD 204
Lenexa, KS

After being in private business several years and the loss of my son in a car accident, I searched my heart for something to be truthfully passionate about and it was education. I always wanted to be a teacher, am in my second year at BSHS and was named department chair this year. My first year, I won the secondary teaching award Northeast Kansas Horizon Award. I teach wood production, drafting and robotics and was accepted into the University of Kansas Ed.D. program this year. My FHSU experience was instrumental in my abilities as an instructor and in problem solving beyond the classroom and bringing it into the 21st Century. The partnership you create with your professors is critical to achieving things beyond expectation. I stay in contact with several professors, bouncing off ideas, trouble shooting, and planning career moves that will help those I strive to inspire. I was a part of the TECA group, which challenges students to take the knowledge they learn in the classroom and apply it in real world challenges. The activities I participated in taught me that I belong on any stage, in local competition or at a national competition. You get that feeling because the professors give you confidence and the opportunity to use it.