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Workday Business Office Resources

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POWERPOINT SLIDES: Business Office Finance Training (PDF)

Department Numbers vs. Workday Cost Centers Crosswalk

Finance Roles for Workday

IFAS vs. Workday Terms Crosswalk

Workday Financial Reports

Click on the topic below to view the resources in each category:


Asset Procedures

Athletic Association

Create Expense Report: AT Company - No Related Cash Advance

Create Expense Report: AT Company - With Related Cash Advance

Create Spend Authorization for Athletics Cash Advance

Cash Advance

FLOWCHART: Request Cash Advance for Travel

Create Supplier Invoice to Reimburse Cash Advance

Request Cash Advance - USD

Request Cash Advance - Foreign Currency

Cash Sales

Record Cash Sale

Request Cash Sale Refund


HOW-TO GUIDE: Manage Delegations

Expenses (Including Travel)

Contract a Contingent Worker

Create Expense Item using Workday Mobile

Create Expense Report: FH Company - For Non-Travel Expenses

Create Expense Report: FH Company - For Travel Expenses

Create Expense Report using Workday Mobile

Create Spend Authorization for Trip Approval

Find Existing Expense Reports and Spend Authorizations

Manage Payment Election for Expense Reimbursements

Candidate Reimbursement

Contract a Candidate Contingent Worker

Create Expense Report: FH Company - Candidate Travel Reimbursement


Grants: Post-Award Procedures


Journal Procedures

Procurement Card (P-Card)

Find Procurement Card Transactions

Verify a Procurement Card Transaction


FLOWCHARTS: Procurement to Payment

Purchasing Procedures and Workday Requisition

Student Activities

Create Expense Report-SA Company

Create Spend Authorization-Request for Cash Box

Create Spend Authorization-Request for Student Activity Credit Card

Supplier: Employee Procedures

HOW-TO GUIDE: Add Worker Documents

HOW-TO GUIDE: Update Your Contact Information

VIDEO: Updating Contact Information

Find Existing Suppliers and Create Supplier Request

Supplier Invoices

Create Supplier Invoice

Create Supplier Invoice from Workbench - FH Only

Find Existing Supplier Invoices

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