President's Office Staff

Tisa Mason
Picture of Tisa Mason


Office: (785) 628-4231

Karen Allen
Picture of Karen Allen

Executive Assistant to the President

Office:  (785) 628-4231

Janette Meis
Picture of Janette Meis

Event Planner and Communication Specialist

Office:  (785) 628-4577

RoJene Broeckelman
Picture of RoJene Broeckelman

Executive Administrative Assistant

Office:  (785) 628-4232 

Kerry Wasinger
Picture of Kerry Wasinger

General Counsel

Office: (785) 628-4233

Heather Kaiser
Picture of Heather Kaiser

General Counsel Office Administrator

Office:  (785) 628-4233

Jaden Mount
Picture of Jaden Mount

Student Media Specialist 

Jenna Nichols
Picture of Jenna Nichols

Student Administrative Assistant 

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