Inauguration of Dr. Tisa Mason


Dear FHSU Friends,

Inauguration was both a wonderful and humbling experience to which I am very grateful to have shared with all of you in some way. It is hard to express how meaningful all of the events were to me. I am truly blessed to have received so many well wishes and words of congratulations.

Inauguration was not a celebration of me. It was a celebration for us. An inauguration not of a person, but of an institution. it was our opportunity to pause and reflect on the things that make Fort Hays State University so special: Our spirit of hard work. Our remarkable community. And our enduring legacy of innovation.

Together we thrive. Thank you for joining me to celebrate our bright future as we continue to write this transformative story together.




To view key inauguration pieces, click on the links below:

Live Stream Video

Inauguration Photos

Dr. Mason's Inaugural Address

     Video #1

     Video #2 

     Video #3

Inauguration Program





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