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Testing Information for Education Programs

  Entry into Traditional Initial Licensure Programs

  • Passing scores on the Reading, Writing and Math sections of the Praxis Core test are required for admission to the traditional undergraduate Teacher Education program.  These tests are not needed for those entering the Transition to Teaching alternative licensure program.
  • A score of 22 or higher on the individual corresponding sections of the ACT is acceptable in place of the Core test.  If a candidate has a bachelor's degree or higher, they are exempt from the admission testing requirement.
  • The Core test is taken computer based through the Kelly Center on the FHSU campus or at other sites (locations and registration available at 
  • For purposes of admission to the teacher education program, test scores are valid for up to 10 years from the date the test was taken.  KSDE will accept old assessments for licensure for up to 6 years after the beginning date of a new assessment as long as the old assessment was taken and passed prior to the beginning date of the new assessment. 

End of Program Licensure Tests

  • A Subject Area Assessment is required for each teaching endorsement as well as one Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) test.  To register for these tests and to get additional information regarding test dates and locations, go to and look for PRAXIS II tests. To see the specific tests required for Kansas licensure, It is recommended these tests be taken the semester prior to student teaching or during the student teaching semester. Anyone applying for an elementary education license September 1, 2019 or later, will need to take 7801 Elementary Education:  Content Knowledge for Teaching (CKT). 

NOTE:  Elementary Education majors who will be applying for their initial teaching license after September 1, 2019, will need to pass the 7801 Elementary Education:  Content Knowledge for Teaching test.  This includes candidates student teaching Fall 2019 and prior program completers that wait to apply for their license until after September 1, 2019.

  • Transition to Teaching – the Subject test and PLT are the only two tests needed for this program. The Subject test must be passed before entering the program and the PLT test should be taken in the final semester of the program.

ETS Score Reporting

  • A test taker may designate up to four score recipients as part of their initial registration. Candidates should be encouraged to use their four free score reports at registration as they cannot "bank" any score reports not sent. After registration, candidates may send additional score reports for $50 each.
  • Kansas is an Automatic Reporting State which means if a candidate takes a Praxis test in Kansas, the score report will automatically be sent to the Kansas State Department of Education. If you test in another state, you should choose KSDE as a score recipient.  Everyone planning to complete a FHSU education program, should choose FHSU as a score recipient.

Testing Resources

Special Services

  • Contact FHSU Kelly Center for specific questions related to the registration process/testing facilities -
  • Fee waivers are available for students who may qualify with financial need (must be receiving financial aid from your institution):
  • Accommodations are available for students with disabilities or health-related needs (register 6-8 weeks in advance). Candidates can email their documentation and request certain accommodations through their Praxis account.
  • Extended time is available for students whose primary language is not English (must register 3 weeks in advance). Qualified students receive 50% additional time.
  • Score reports are available for 10 years as of July 2017. 

Traditional Programs:

Traditional Programs and T2T:

Test Preparation

The following are free and paid-for resources in your preparation for licensure tests:, Teacher Licensure Test Information - Traditional Program.


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