State of the Campus

The Power of One
2013 Fall Convocation PowerPoint Presentation
2013 State of the Campus Video 

Average Is Over

2012 Fall Convocation PowerPoint Presentation
2012 State of the Campus Video

Hope: The Silver Lining
2011 Fall Convocation Video

The Age of the Unthinkable
2010 Fall Convocation
PowerPoint Presentation

Forward thinking. World ready.
Theme for 2009-2010 Academic year
Real Media Video

Spring 2010 Convocation 

Duty to Dream
Theme for 2008-2009 Academic Year
PowerPoint Presentation 

Dare to Dream
Theme for 2007-2008 Academic Year

Theme for 2006-2007 Academic Year
PowerPoint Presentation 

Theme for 2005-2006 Academic Year
PowerPoint Presentation

Theme for 2004-2005 Academic Year
PowerPoint Presentation 

Professional Commitment
Theme for 2003-2004 Academic Year

Affordable Success
Theme for 2002-2003 Academic Yea

The Power of Thought
Theme for 2001-2002 Academic Year